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I am Chad Vice, co-owner and operator of Championship Vinyl, an online record store. Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
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Real People With Real Stories

Thank you for listening to my podcast

Oct 1, 2018

Back by no one's demand, but a seemingly popular series in the Nobodies Are Somebodies story book, this 4th installment of the News of the World episode has guest host, former guest herself Shawna Robinson filling in for my good buddy Fred, and she sure knows how to light it up and get a response from me. We debate the importance of the NAFTA agreement to Canada and if we really need the business arrangement with the US for us to survive, and also we touch on what can happen when we lose faith in law enforcement officials when they commit crimes themselves. Exploring the human factor of the police here in Canada and all over the world in general.

It's more News of the World, and so my thanks to Shawna, and let's she if she can hang like Fred does!




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring portions of his original song 'Walk This Way'

Sep 24, 2018

In this Prime Cuts episode the unpaid agent Denise talks about her top 10 favorite episodes of all time, while we recorded on location at the 1,000 Islands at Mallorytown Landing near Brockville, Ontario, Canada at the beautiful seascape on a bright, crisp day. Hear Denise's favorites and why she chose them!

Sep 17, 2018

Jason Lacombe DJ White Rabbit calls in to the podcast this week from Toronto to talk about how is first party back in April went down at Mavericks in Ottawa Ontario Canada, myself and the unpaid agent Denise were on hand for that event, featured on episode #0000060, as well as what future plans his company LoneWolf Productions has coming up in 2019, some ideas they are pursuing to expand the company, as well how LoneWolf has grown over the past few months and where it is taking him

Check out LoneWolf Productions on Facebook:

Visit LoneWolf Productions on Twitter:


LoneWolf on Instagram:




Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston, featuring his original song 'With God Through Madness'


Sep 10, 2018

In part 3 of 3 in this series featuring Katya's story, we get into details of her road to gender reassignment surgery, what she needed to do for herself before being granted the opportunity for the surgery, and we hear what it was like for her and what it was like for her family when she first came out, and what inspired her to finally do it. We also talk about how she was physically post-op and where her life goes from there

We end on a lighter note discussing her acting and voice acting, especially what it takes to be successful when playing difficult roles and characters, and how to really be taken seriously as an actor. And of course we are treated again to her awesome array of voices and what she can do with her talent, and where she is heading professionally. So happy to have brought you her story, I hope you have enjoyed listening to it as much as I did hearing it for the first time!


Names of some persons mentioned in this episode have been edited to protect their identities. These are the only modifications to the show's content other than sound quality edits.

Sep 3, 2018

In episode #2 of my 3 part series with Katya, we start off on some serious conversation regarding her children and fighting for the access and the rights to her oldest child plus the birth of her second child, all the while dealing with work changes and more importantly, the changes within herself and who she was. She details this all quite candidly.

But we also end episode #2 on a more lighthearted tone as we talk about how she got into voice acting, and her love of voice over acting and we get treated to some of the voices she has mastered, including her original character, Dante. We also touch on her own voice changes and how one protects theirs from constant strain

Names of persons mentioned in this episode have been edited to protect their identities. These are the only modifications to the shows content other than sound quality edits.

Aug 27, 2018

I was introduced to Katya by my former guest, Penelope Goranson, and I'm eternally grateful that she did, because Katya's story needs to be told, heard and shared. Born in Manchester, England, and immigrating to Canada with her family at age 16, but that's only a tiny fraction of where her story begins and where it is heading. These show notes will be brief, as I'm letting her do the talking!




As mentioned in the show, be sure to check out fellow podcaster Seth Seppala's Demented Dimension Podcast
here on iTunes

Aug 20, 2018

Adan is a fan of the podcast and reached out to me via one of many social media outlets, and she mentioned that she would love to be a guest on the show. I can never pass up the opportunity for a new guest so I went to her place and we hung out, had a beverage and just talked. Most of that conversation is here for you to inspect on this week's podcast.

We talk about her work, what life in Cornwall Ontario is like, adopting a pet from overseas and her Serbian heritage. It's all fun and games until we run out of things to say!

KOCA Dog Rescue

Where Adan adopted her dog, Tito, and donates to the rescue of animals in danger:


Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston. Featuring his original song 'The Prison is a Dark Place'


Aug 13, 2018

Maryse Delorme St. Maurice organizes a singing competition each year in St. Isidore, Ontario, Canada, called Contest The Voices in Prescott-Russell, as part of a farmer's festival and car show every year in a hot summer weekend in June. Since starting the contest with her then business partner 5 years ago, she's been giving her every effort to keep the event moving along and become a featured attraction of the festival. Now, if her 6th year is approved and she continues with the attraction, she has some new ideas in store, and she discusses that as well as the work, planning and talent seeking that goes into making the show for one day and the many days of planning before it. It's a lot! We also get to know a little bit about Maryse, where she grew up and what she does when she's not sharing local talent with a growing audience on the big stage. 

I also recap former guest Chantelle Blanchard's appearance at the Brass Monkey Club here in Ottawa when she blew away the judges to earn a spot in the next rounds of a $10,000 signing competition which led her to another round in Kingston, Ontario. It's singing fest episode, so turn those speakers up to 11 and let's go!

Visit the Official Facebook page of the Contest:

Have a demo to register for Les Voix: 

Les Voix de Prescott-Russell on YouTube:


DJ White Rabbit Jason Lacombe has some special events coming up and Nobodies Are Somebodies will be there! To find out more about the events, check out the link on the LoneWolf Productions official Facebook page:

Aug 6, 2018

Xavier Himma takes the love and joy of cycling to a whole new level, as he has embarked on an endeavor to travel across the Americas, that of course being North, Central and South America, by bicycle, just because he wanted to, and to take in all the cultures, sights, sounds and feel of the road, and doing it solo just for the love of being on your own and exploring. We all go out for bike rides now and again; can you say you would travel across countries just like it were going to the grocery store?

On his travel since crossing the Canada/U.S. border back in October of 2017, he has been making the most of his travels and making good time, and meeting new and helpful people along the way. We touch on all the reasons why he started his journey, some things he has encountered, places, and of course what it's really like to cross an international border on your bicycle with no planned itinerary or formal destination. His jouney is not over yet; at the time of this recording he was resting in Costa Rico, but he will definitely be back again to talk about his journey and his return home to small town Rockland, Ontario Canada

To support Xavier on his travels, please subscribe to his YouTube channel, The Hum of the Earth, as well as visit the links below to learn more about him and his travel thus far:

Xavier's Blog:

Follow Xavier on Instagram:





Jul 30, 2018

It's time for Part Deux of my conversation with Reboots Podcast mastermind Tracy Winchell and we get right into talking about just how her podcast works, from guest experiences to being a guest herself on OPP (Other People's Podcasts) as well as if she would ever have a chance to speak with the former President himself again, and if so, what would they talk about?

Stay tuned at the end as I ask her a very serious question, and her response may surprise you! Be sure to check out the links below for more about Tracy and her podcast, as well as a special section of her site that she set up just for listeners of the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast

Reboots Podcast

Have a reboot in your life and want to talk about it? Here is how to appear on Tracy's podcast:


Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston. Featuring his original song 'I Have Overcome The World'


Jul 23, 2018

Little Rock, Arkansas native Tracy Winchell is passionate about her podcast, an original concept that allows people to talk about moments in their life where they had to 'reboot', whether it be by their choice or not, and how they handled it and what they have accomplished in doing that. It's a great concept and I am very happy that she found my podcast and is willing to talk all about her and her podcast on my show. She may stretch the 'Nobodies' parameter a bit, as she has been in broadcast journalism, and been a radio DJ in her past life, but she does not boast about them and it's very clear that her awesome podcast is the main focus now.

We talk about some (maybe) little known facts about the state of Arkansas, what life growing up there is like, as well as mentioning a time or two one of Arkansas's most famous people: the great former U.S. President Bill Clinton. But before we get to all that, I just had to grill her on her work as a radio DJ in the early 80s and again in the late '90s/early '00s, because the radio broadcasting industry and programming is very interesting to me!

This is Part I of our lengthy chat, and I'm very proud of how this interview sounds, because it has a feeling of two people meeting for the first time and just talking and getting to know one another. To me, some of the best conversations are produced this way. Thank you Tracy for making it so easy and natural.

Below is more about Tracy and her podcast:

Reboots Podcast

Have a reboot in your life and want to talk about it? Here is how to appear on Tracy's podcast:


Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston. Featuring a portion of his original song 'Walk This Way'


Jul 16, 2018

I'm super excited to finally talk to my old friend Adonis Gaitatzis, whom I first met back when we became roommates (with 2 other dudes, a total of 4!) in this makeshift cheapo frat like basement apartment in the southern-east end of Ottawa, Canada, and we all wound up here because we were either in studies, working, or just finding ourselves. 

I've been thinking about what it would be like to have Adonis on the podcast since the 1st season, and finally sat down this season to make a list of "want to/need to" guests for the podcast, and he was one of the tops. After a couple near misses, we finally got to connect via Skype due to being on two different coasts (Adonis in California, me in Ontario) and I feel like I really only scratched the surface of the experiences this man has had since we lost communication after 2005, and here now in 2018, I am hearing all about what he's done for the first time right along with you, the loyal listeners. 

In a nutshell, he's built two companies (shut them both down after scaling different heights) traveled to many places all over the world to meet new people and experience many cultures, took up Spanish guitar (he plays a little bit here on this episode) and met his dad for the first time since he was 3 years old, where he joined him in his native Greece to live in a Greek monastery as a monk for a few years, and has written some books just recently. 

The best is yet to come, I'm sure!


Adonis' book Blockchains and Smart Contracts for Business Leaders on Amazon:


More books by Adonis on Amazon:


Jul 9, 2018

Chantelle Blanchard is a very busy person but is busy doing things that she loves and has a real passion for, even in her main day to day job. She is a barn manager at a local farm helping to raise and train show horses for local and provincial competitions. Clementine, Chantelle's favorite Mini Horse, even has her own Facebook page!

Chantelle also likes to spend her off days (weekends!) partaking in scuba diving and she discuss some of the beautiful places that her and her husband have dived in, as well as the importance of how proper diving training can help you have fun and even save your life. We also talk about her competitive dart throwing league and last but certainly not least, we are talking about her entering of a local "Voice" singing competition and making it all the way to the finals, coming in at #2. She can really belt out a tune, as I've seen it first hand live at the show. 

It's a fun conversation from a gal that's seen and done a few cool things and I'm happy to bring part of her story here to one and all!


Clementine at Wynbrook Facebook Page:

Taylor Brooks Equestrian at Wynbrook Farm


Jul 2, 2018

This week on the podcast I not only pull out all the stops, I pull out all the people in my life. If you know me or know people who know me, you could wind up finding yourself asked to be a guest on the podcast, and you know what the right answer is! This week's guest, I go everywhere to find someone new for you, and this week it's my own Insolvency Trustee Shannon D.

Don't know what that title means? Then this podcast episode is a must hear & now. Shannon was very nice to allow me to fumble through questions and try to understand exactly what her work entails, but one thing for sure is how she is able to help people through one of the most stressful and difficult times in life that people go through. Money and debt worries. Find out how the basic process works and see the links below for more information on Hoyes, Michalos and Associates Inc. I urge others to seek out trustees in their local areas to help you help yourself!

Music featured on this episode by Matthew Johnston. Featuring his original song 'Man Lying in Danger'



Jun 25, 2018

This first installment of an on-going series of Prime Cuts episodes features best of clips selected from the most downloaded episodes of all time up to the week of June 25th, 2018.

I do a Top 5 Countdown of the best of all time so far and share some insight as always into the episodes and my 'just ok' life!

Jun 18, 2018

Bernie Taylor. Is he an author, a teacher, a scientist? When you ask him, he'll tell you that he sees himself as a naturalist

Bernie is my guest this week, and he is the author of the books Before Orion Finding The Face of the Hero and Biological Time. We discuss both books, the origins of why he wrote them, and their content. We dig deeper into his Before Orion book, based upon exploring the hero’s journey of self-awareness, mythology and record of biological knowledge through Paleolithic cave art as well as where he became interested in the subject and how it became his life's work.

We talk about Paleolithic images made over 34,000 years ago and how 'nobodies' might have made these original drawings but we will never know who they were, but they have done something that people still discuss and research today. Nobodies became Somebodies, even thousands of years ago!

We also talk a little bit of the history and Bernie's interest in Pablo Picasso and his works.

Below are some links about the work of Bernie Taylor:


Biological Time on Amazon:

Before Orion Facebook Page:

Before Orion:



Jun 11, 2018

In this Part II with Andy Barker, we get the full story on Andy's father's medical emergency, right down to what exactly was happening with him, how close he was to death and how he was able to make a recovery thanks in much part to a strong connection with his son and family. We also talk about the final process of retiring from the Navy as well as get into his experiences with PTSD and what his KB1 Foundation is all about. It's a little bit serious but with no shortage of fun.

Due to some technical glitches during the initial recording, this episode is made of take number 2 of one loooooong conversation with Andy but a very good one. Proud of his openness and honesty, and happy for having him on the show. More about Andy below, in case you forgot!


Kb1foundation on Facebook


Nothing's Off The Table Podcast:

Throwin' Down with Andy and Ricardo Podcast:


Jun 4, 2018

Andy Barker is coming up on a nearly 30 year career in the U.S. Navy and is trained as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse. He has seen, done and heard about more things than many people could think of. He's been stationed in Japan, he was on the USNS Mercy during the first Gulf War, Global War on Terror and Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines, and there he's responsible for a large team that report directly to him, and he will go to bat for anyone on his team. 

Andy Barker is a family man who has and always will be there for his family. He has been by his father's side during illness and seen him making a recovery, up to the point of just before we recorded this podcast episode. He is based in Virginia but we spoke while he was in St. Louis with his parents after his father returned home from hospital.

Andy Barker is a fellow podcaster, and you can find links to his shows below here in the show notes. I still say after our chats, I think I taught him a thing or two about podcasting (what 'not' to do, ahem cough cough).

Andy Barker has a strong opinion and is proud of his work in the Navy. You will hear some strong opinions in this episode. Both he and I would welcome your feedback on anything discussed in this off the hook Part I of one more to come podcast with...Andy Barker!


Nothing's Off The Table Podcast:

Throwin' Down with Andy and Ricardo Podcast:



Music featured in the show by Matthew Johnston


May 28, 2018

Penelope is many things. Model. Singer/Songwriter. Actress. What is she most proud of being? A Cancer Warrior. She is not a survivor, a term she despises, but a true WARRIOR in every sense. She tells me all about this and much more in her second part episode.

We also get treated to another live on the spot performance of a song she wrote when she was living in London in and around 1968, her original tune 'How Can I Tell You'; she talks about the song and what her inspiration for it was. We talk about her future music plans, but mums the word on her future acting roles coming up. Maybe one day when the films are out? 

My thanks to Penelope and her loving husband Kent for letting me into their home, their sanctuary from the busy life she still leads and there seems to be no stop to her! When you are a creative person by nature, how can you turn it off and why should you? Here is more Penelope G.



Music featured in the show by Matthew Johnston

May 21, 2018

Tell a friend (and enemy) because Fred is back, back again! It's just me and my good buddy Fred talking about nothing this week and at the same time, everything, like what he's been up to, what's on his mind, and what kind of special coffee Keurig machine he'd love to have in his house (ha!). We also touch on the Laurel vs. Yanny fad but not for long, because this has long been played out now. Get ready for no-serious pro-nonsense episode with me and homie Fred C.


Younique Cosmetics


Music featured in the show by the one and only Matthew Johnston

May 14, 2018

This interview with my friend Shawn was recorded over Skype, yet we both live in the same city. Imagine that! Schedules be damned, we made it work with no a second to spare before post time. I really appreciate for taking the time to do this and what was maybe going to become a 15-20 min chat turned in to an 1 hour 30 minute assault on your eardrums with everything from early childhood memories, to video gaming, to online video gaming etiquette, to the right way to market a new game, to the real way games are marketed, to a mutually enjoyed band and a first concert meet and great with said band. Also, the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) is very close to his heart - hear what he would do for them and for the kids in his own special way if he had the money we dream about. This is Shawn Hannah!


Rick's Wizard Tech Mods

May 7, 2018

Aaron Smith returns to the podcast and has a revelation about himself that he recently discovered and is willing to share on the show. We also discuss how his life is changing since we last talked, all for the better, and I'm proud he was so open and honest. We also discuss his new video server project and his new living arrangements. He and I also touched on the history of the first ever car crash. How do we get on these subjects? Aaron also suggests another guest for the podcast. How cool is that??

See the links below for Aaron's game server, as well as promotional items mentioned on the show. 

Aaron's Video Game Stream Server


Younique Cosmetics


Music featured in the show by the one and only Matthew Johnston



Apr 30, 2018

Shawna Robinson has traveled pretty much all over the world and in the time has gotten some experiences and memories that many of us can only dream about! But what she found out about herself that only a local journey can share gave her more awareness than any other place or country she could visit. First we learned about her travel, and now we learn about the young woman that is Shawna, what she deals with on a daily basis, and how she had to fight to get answers and is still working on that today. The final installment of April Awareness Month is all about medical diagnosis and not accepting "I don't know" as an answer

Apr 23, 2018

Continuing April Awareness Month, here is my interview with proud mother and Autism Advocate Danna Schaubel conducted at a fine establishment, the Fox & Feather Pub and Grill in downtown Ottawa, Ontario Canada. 

Danna is the mother of a beautiful 7 year old, Melanie, who is on the autism spectrum. I talked to Danna about coming to Ottawa for the yearly Autism On the Hill that takes place every April on Parliament Hill and what her goals were this year. We discuss her thoughts on current government funding for autism programs (or lack thereof), and what others can do to help raise awareness and make changes, whether they are or have children on the spectrum or not. I was very proud to have her on the show and hear her story. I hope you enjoy it like I did and get a little insight into her world and her daily life. Below are some links she mentions in the show. Thanks for listening!

Ontario Autism Coalition on Facebook

Autism on the Hill

The Fox & Feather Pub & Grill


Music featured in the show by the one and only Matthew Johnston


Apr 16, 2018

On this week's episode of the Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast, it's focused on continuing April awareness month, and this week it's a tribute to National Volunteer Week, with my unpaid agent Denise Hawken who runs a Volunteer Program at her paid job, and she talks about what happens during this full 7 days of recognition for her volunteers, and what Volunteer Week really means to her and the staff she manages

Want to learn more? Visit:


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